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Royal jelly is the only food the queen bee eats during her life. It is a natural, creamy textured product which is secreted from the glands of worker bees. Royal jelly has exceptional nutritional properties: it contains many proteins, essential amino acids, B vitamins and trace elements which the body needs. It is an excellent dietary supplement which has a replenishing and stimulating effect on the body, both physically and mentally. Fresh royal jelly is royal jelly in its natural state. It must be stored in the refrigerator to preserve it (below 5 ºC).


It has countless health benefits:

      · It increases vitality; it is invigorating.

      · It improves and stimulates the metabolism.

      · It improves physical performance and concentration.

      · It slows skin ageing and improves its hydration and elasticity.

      · It can help combat digestive disorders.

      · It stimulates circulation.

      · During convalescence it gives a sense of euphoria with the recuperation of strength and appetite.

      · It is recommended for those with anaemia as it increases the haemoglobin content of the blood.

      · It stimulates growth during developmental stages.

      · It strengthens the body’s defences against attacks.


Presentation formats:

      · 10g Brown glass flask + insulated stopper (Fresh Royal Jelly).

      · 20g Brown glass flask + insulated stopper (Fresh Royal Jelly).

      · 70g Brown glass flask + insulated stopper (Fresh Royal Jelly).

      · 1kg Insulated bag (Fresh Royal Jelly).

      · Freeze-dried Royal Jelly in capsules, bottles, vials and syrup.