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At Primo Mendoza S.L. we are committed to quality, research, innovation, the development of new products, and internationalization; we believe that these are the key pillars for continuous improvement. The Quality and R&D department is a crucial part of the company. We have a laboratory within our facilities to control the quality and development of new products which is staffed by a highly-qualified, highly-motivated, multidisciplinary team.

We use the latest analytical control techniques to preserve quality and food safety from the arrival of the raw materials to the final product. This allows us to ensure we select the best honey and raw materials, and to guarantee that our products meet the high quality standards that both we and our customers demand.



We care a lot about the raw material that enters in our facilities and the product that comes out to everyone. Therefore, consistent with our commitment to Quality and loyalty to our customers, we have achieved certifications that guarantee our compliance with the highest global Quality standards, such as the International Food Standard (IFS), and cultural, with Halal and Kosher stamps for Islamic and Jewish markets respectively.


halal ifs Kosher


Innovation at the forefront of the sector

One of our main challenges is to offer the consumer new products made from 100% natural, high-quality ingredients that are both healthy and delicious.  At Primo Mendoza we are innovative with tradition!!!

Our work of Research and Development of new apiculture-based products and processes to improve Quality, it has been articulated through different R + D + i projects both internally and in collaboration with other companies and highly prestigious entities, framed within state and regional programs of support and promotion of R + D + i in the field industrial. In recognition of the work done in recent years and the commitment of Primo Mendoza to innovation, the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness has awarded us the seal of Innovative SME, something unprecedented in our sector that comes to endorse the innovative impulse with which Primo Mendoza faces all the challenges and, together with Quality, are our differentiating point. Therefore, we have the obligation to do it better and better.

We take part in the main international and national food sector trade fairs, as well as conferences and conventions for the bee-keeping sector. These meetings are sources of information which allow us to improve the use of technology in our production processes and keep up to date with the latest market trends.

The continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and the search for new ways of development and innovation are for us the main tools for achieving our maximum goal: The satisfaction of our customers.

Quality policy.