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Bees collect pollen is small baskets on their hind legs when they settle on flowers. They dampen the pollen with the flower’s nectar so they can create little balls of pollen to take back to the hive to feed the worker bees. Beepollen is an exceptional, protein-rich food which contains all the amino acids that the body needs. It is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Its nutritional richness makes beepollen an extraordinary food supplement which makes up for possible deficiencies in our normal diet.

At Primo Mendoza S.L. we offer our customers the option of using their own branding and choice of container when packaging their order of flower pollen. The design of the label can be the same as the one they already use on their other products or it can be designed by our expert graphic designers based on existing models. The presentation formats we offer are:

PET Container 225g

PET Container 500g

PET Container 1Kg


Primo Mendoza S.L. also offers customers the option of beepollen in large quantities. In this case we package the pollen using a process that is guaranteed to preserve the nutritional qualities of the pollen and the product. The formats for bulk order packaging are box+25kg internal bag and drum+50kg internal bag.