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· Ingredients: Forest honey (97%) and propolis (3%).

· Organoleptic characteristics: Very dark amber colour. With an intense and extraordinarily persistent damp wood aroma. A characteristic flavour with light acidic notes and sometime light salty notes. A lingering sensation in the throat due to its propolis content. Medium-level crystallization in fine crystals.

Propolis is a substance that bees collect from tree buds and later process in the hive, converting it into a powerful antibiotic to protect the hive. ApiProtection combines the properties of propolis with those of honey and makes it easier for us to include propolis in our diet in a way that is straightforward, effective and delicious. This product is recommended to build up the body’s defences against infections and throat complaints.

  • Production Area

    Honey Origin Spain

  • More information

    · Nutritional Information: (typical values per 100g of product)

          · Energy: 1.344kJ / 322Kcal
          · Fats: 0g
          · Saturated Fats: 0g
          · Carbohydrates: 79.93g
          · Sugars: 79.64g
          · Fiber: 0.19g
          · Protein: 0.3g
          · Salt: <0.01g

    · Instructions for use: Adults are recommended to take 1 to 3 table spoon per day. Children are recommended to take 1 to 3 dessert spoon per day

    · Storage: Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place

    · Shelf life: 3 years

    · Presentation: Gourmet glass jar 300g